Dundee low emission zones

Air quality is good in most regions of Dundee, however there are areas throughout the city where pollution levels are higher than the legal standards. The main source of air pollution in Dundee is road traffic, predominantly from the city centre's bus corridor, the inner ring road, as well as nearby the A90 and A92 trunk roads.

Technical work completed to date has considered a wide range of options for the areas which Dundee’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) should cover. It concludes that the best option in terms of balancing all the objectives would be for the LEZ to be the area inside the inner ring road.

Dundee City Council wants to hear views on whether this is the most appropriate area and also on which types of vehicles should be excluded by the LEZ regulations.

In order to monitor Dundee’s LEZ, Dundee City Council will continue to monitor air pollution levels at locations across the city, both inside and outside the LEZ boundary. They have also introduced an Air Quality Action Plan, which contains further measures to improve air quality in Dundee.

The LEZ will be introduced by the end of 2020.

For further information on the proposals download the National Low Emission Framework below.

National Low Emission Framework