Edinburgh low emission zones

City of Edinburgh Council has confirmed its intention to introduce Scotland’s second low emission zone following an intention considered by the Transport and Environment Committee in May 2018.

Edinburgh is progressing three areas of work simultaneously: the development of low emission zone(s), a city mobility plan (a revised transport strategy), and an Edinburgh city centre transformation project.

Stakeholder engagement has been undertaken jointly across the three areas of work to inform a prospectus – Edinburgh: Connecting our City, Transforming our Places – that sets out ideas for a more active and connected city, a healthier environment, a transformed city centre, neighbourhoods and a civic life. Public consultation on these ideas will be for an eight-week period from mid-September 2018 and will include focused engagement on air quality/low emission zones.

Combinations of low emission zone options are being considered, based on geographic limits and vehicle types. Early-stage options include an Edinburgh-wide low emission zones, city centre low emission zones and low emission zones at emission ‘hotspots’. The impact of different types of vehicles in different locations across the city and the potential impacts of traffic displacement to areas surrounding possible low emission zones is also being evaluated. Further consultation will be undertaken on detailed low emission zone proposals in 2019.

An Edinburgh low emission delivery group has been established for Edinburgh and plans are being drawn-up on how the zone could be developed and discussions with stakeholders are planned on the extent of the low emission zone and exactly which vehicles would be affected.

Information will be updated as more details on the implementation of Edinburgh's low emission zone become available.

For any enquiries in relation to the Edinburgh LEZ plans please contact: spatial.policy@edinburgh.gov.uk

The Edinburgh LEZ draft plans were outlined in a Transport and Environment Committee report (Item 7.2), available at: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/4701/transport_and_environment_committee

More information on the Edinburgh LEZ is also available at: