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It has been proposed that Scotland’s low emission zones will only allow access to vehicles which meet minimum emission standards.

The proposed minimum criteria for vehicles to access a low emission zone is:

  • Diesel vehicles – Euro 6/VI
    • This generally applies to new vehicles registered from 2016
  • Petrol vehicles – Euro 4/IV
    • This generally applies to new vehicles registered from 2006
  • Heavy-duty diesel vehicles– Euro 6 /VI
    • including older retrofitted engines improved to operate as Euro 6/VI

To help you understand if your vehicle might be allowed entry to a low emission zone, we have prepared a basic online vehicle checker.

Please note that results provided can only give an indication and are not a guarantee or proof that your vehicle can enter. The best way to check is by consulting your log book or with your vehicle manufacturer.

We continue to work with a range of stakeholders to determine emissions standards for motorcycles and other powered two wheel vehicles. Additionally, we are currently working on a new tool which will enable you to enter your registration number in due course.

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