Aberdeen Low Emission Zone


To protect public health and improve air quality, Aberdeen City Council introduced a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in May 2022.

LEZs have been introduced throughout Scotland in response to dangerous levels of air pollution (mainly nitrogen dioxide – NO2) mostly caused by road traffic. Similar to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, Aberdeen's LEZ will be in the city centre as this is where air quality is poorest.

LEZ scheme and consultation:

A statutory consultation was carried out between June – August 2021 to get feedback on the LEZ preferred option proposal including on the preferred option boundary, the proposed grace period and any additional exemptions.

Following the recent consultation and the feedback on the boundary areas, it was recommended that three further traffic and air quality model tests were carried out in these areas:

  • Wapping Street / Carmelite Street /Guild Street gyratory removed from the LEZ area
  • East North Street and Commerce Street removed from the LEZ area
  • The full Eastern Corridor (ENS / Commerce St / Virginia St / Market St) removed from the LEZ area

The additional modelling work has been completed and a revised boundary has been published. The formal objection process has now finished and Aberdeen Council is currently analysing the objections to determine whether any further changes are required before plans are formally submitted to Scottish Ministers. You can review the revised boundary here: https://consultation.aberdeencity.gov.uk/planning/lez-publication/

The National Low Emission Framework (NLEF), traffic modelling and air quality reports have all been updated and can be found here.

Next steps:

Aberdeen's LEZ was introduced in May 2022.

Following that, a two-year grace period (during which enforcement of the LEZ will not take place) will be in place for all vehicle types to allow people sufficient time to consider how best they can comply with the LEZ. This means that, as per the current programme, enforcement (the issuing of fines) will not start until 1 June 2024.

ACC will soon be putting signs up around the LEZ to advise people about the zone boundary, and implementing the enforcement camera system, in preparation for full enforcement starting from June 2024.

Previous reports and consultations:

In 2020, Aberdeen City Council consulted on eight LEZ options to help understand the views of members of the public and stakeholders. The options were subject to detailed modelling so that the Council could understand the likely impacts of the LEZ on traffic and air quality.

Aberdeen City Council Low Emission Zone Options Consultation (September-October 2020)

For further information:

For further information on Aberdeen’s LEZ please visit https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/roads-transport-and-parking/low-emission-zone

For any enquiries about the Aberdeen LEZ plans please contact: transportstrategy@aberdeencity.gov.uk

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