Scottish LEZ Exemption System - Terms and Conditions for Use


The Low Emission Zone (Emission Standards, Exemptions and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2021 [Part 2, Reg 3] provides a limited number of national LEZ exemptions, including for Blue Badge holders. This allows Blue Badge holders access to a LEZ as either a driver, or as a passenger in a non-LEZ standard vehicle.

Use of Exemptions

Vehicles can be registered for an exemption from LEZ restrictions using the Scottish LEZ Exemption system provided they are transporting an individual who holds a valid Blue Badge. Organisations may register vehicles through the Scottish LEZ Exemption System where they have a valid Organisational Blue Badge.


The Scottish LEZ Exemption System allows Blue badge holders to register their Blue Badge details and link these to non-LEZ standard vehicles they travel in to avoid receiving and having to appeal a Penalty Charge Notice for traveling in a Low Emission Zone.

All information provided to the Scottish LEZ Exemption System and in any interactions with its representatives must be correct and accurate. If you knowingly supply inaccurate information, or fail to provide further information when requested, your account and all exemptions associated with the account may be cancelled.

If there is a change to your circumstances, or if any of the information you have supplied changes, you must provide notification, by way of updating the Scottish LEZ Exemption System by accessing your account online, via the provide telephone registration system (once available), or by emailing

Individual Blue Badge Account

All exemptions registered through a Scottish LEZ Exemption System account will only be valid whilst an active Blue Badge is registered.

Each individual Blue Badge holder may apply for up to one Long-Term Exemption to a vehicle which is registered at their home address. A Long-Term Exemption will remain valid whilst an active Blue Badge is registered to the account. The vehicle to which a Long-Term Exemption is applied may be changed by the account holder by accessing their account online.

Each individual Blue Badge Holder may register up to two One-Day Exemptions to be valid simultaneously and can be applied to any vehicle which they intend to travel in. One-Day Exemptions may be applied up to seven days in advance of, or up to midnight on the day of travel.

Organisational Blue Badge Account

Organisational Blue Badge holders may register One-Day Exemptions for any organisational Blue Badges held. These can be applied to any vehicle owned by the organisation. One-Day Exemptions may be applied up to seven days in advance of, or up to midnight on the day of travel.


Any suspected misuse of exemptions may result in the suspension of the associated Scottish LEZ Exemption System account, all associated exemptions and escalation to relevant authorities.

Exemptions applied to specific vehicles may be removed if the vehicle in question is suspected of previous violations of Scottish LEZ Exemption System Terms and Conditions of Use.

The suspension and/removal of any account and/or exemptions will be at the discretion of Transport Scotland. The account holder will be notified of these actions via their registered email address on the day actions are taken.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The Scottish Government reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion and at any time, to change any existing and/or to introduce new or additional terms and conditions to ensure fair usage of the Blue Badge exemption applies.

Version control

Date - 30/06/23

Issue - V2

Status - Approved

Author - Transport Scotland

Approved by - Transport Scotland