Cleaner Air for Scotland (CAFS) strategy - Scotland’s first distinct air quality strategy sets out how the Scottish Government and its partner organisations will achieve the ambitious vision for Scotland “to have the best air quality in Europe”.

Scottish Government’s Programme for Government commits to introduce low emission zones into Scotland's four biggest cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee) by 2020 and into all other Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) by 2023 where National Low Emissions Framework appraisals advocate such mitigation.

Glasgow City Council agrees proposals to introduce a low emission zone by 2018.

National consultation launched to help inform the design and delivery of low emission zones in Scotland.

Low emission zone national consultation closes, nearly 1000 responses are received.

Four cities low emission zone leadership group established.

Four cities low emission zone consistency group established.

Transport (Scotland) Bill introduced to parliament, includes provision for creation of low emission zones. Consultation regarding the Bill is ongoing.

Glasgow City Council formally approves low emission zone plans.